Andrus Twins Fuck Alex Medina

Andrus Twins Fuck Alex Medina1

After a day playing on the white sands of Cuba’s beaches the young men return to their apartment continue with some other kind of action. The Andrus twins start by stripping down and showing Alexander what they have to offer. The twins then pull off Alexander’s underwear to reveal his pretty white uncut cock. Leandro becomes aggressive and jumps on Alexander rubbing his big uncut cock all over Alexander then Frank comes over to join in on the action. Frank starts by touching caressing his brother’s butt and then gently touching Alexander. The twins then get the idea to put Alexander in the middle of them so he can take turns sucking each of the brother’s cocks. At one point Frank reaches over and sucks his own brother’s cock for bit. Then Leandro bends Alexander over while Frank spreads his ass and pours lube into it so his brother can p! lunge his big dark cock into Alexander’s tight white ass. The twins take turns fucking Alexander’s pretty ass and then Leandro lays down to jerk off with his brother on one side and Alexander on the other. Leandro cums first all over his stomach while watching his brother and Alexander jerk their cocks. Alexander cums next all over Leandro’s chest and then Frank cums. more

Andrus Twins Fuck Alex Medina2

Andrus Twins Fuck Alex Medina3

Andrus Twins Fuck Alex Medina4

Andrus Twins Fuck Alex Medina5

Andrus Twins Fuck Alex Medina6

Andrus Twins Fuck Alex Medina7

Andrus Twins Fuck Alex Medina8

Andrus Twins Fuck Alex Medina9


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