Braydon : Serviced

chaosmen_braydon_serviced_hires_18chaosmen_braydon_serviced_camcaps_02This week Ransom takes on Braydon, so I bring you two hot military dudes.
Braydon was of course nervous, but Ransom just put his head down and started sucking away.  Braydon eventually surrendered to the amazing cock sucking. Not withought a few disbelieving grins from Braydon.
It’s fun to be able to move around them and get a few more angles.
The cumshot was intense for Braydon, but most of his cum dribbles down Ransom’s hand, a drop or two here and there, but mostly they made cottage cheese.
You got to admit, one advantage of having the other models do the Servicing, is that they are there to whip out their cocks and add more DNA to the pile, which is exactly what Ransom did.
It was cool to get Ransom’s feedback on the whole process. I asked him if he got hard, and like me, he really didn’t. But he sure was quick to get it out and bust a nut!

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chaosmen_braydon_serviced_camcaps_01 chaosmen_braydon_serviced_camcaps_03 chaosmen_braydon_serviced_camcaps_04 chaosmen_braydon_serviced_camcaps_05 chaosmen_braydon_serviced_camcaps_06 chaosmen_braydon_serviced_camcaps_07 chaosmen_braydon_serviced_camcaps_08 chaosmen_braydon_serviced_camcaps_09     chaosmen_braydon_serviced_hires_05         chaosmen_braydon_serviced_hires_14 chaosmen_braydon_serviced_hires_15 chaosmen_braydon_serviced_hires_16  chaosmen_braydon_serviced_hires_19 chaosmen_braydon_serviced_hires_20  chaosmen_braydon_serviced_hires_22 chaosmen_braydon_serviced_hires_23  

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