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Starring Paddy Obrian5

Are you ready to play? You better be because this week we bring you an ‘interactive’ game with Paddy Obrian (or should that be iPaddy?) where you call the shots and decide what he wears for you for this hot jerk off movie. Can’t decide if he looks best in leather, suit or in a tuxedo? Then select from the clothing items on the onscreen menu and dress him in all three to see how he looks in each. Then once you’ve decided sit back, unzip and enjoy as Paddy shows us exactly why he’s our favourite straight MAP Man. It might have something to do with the fact that he’s not embarrassed to bend over open his cheeks and give you a good look of his hairy hole. But we would bet that its how masculine and hot he looks all suited up and dick out. So are you ready? Press PLAY to continue…

Starring Paddy Obrian

Starring Paddy Obrian1

Starring Paddy Obrian2

Starring Paddy Obrian3

Starring Paddy Obrian4

Starring Paddy Obrian6

Starring Paddy Obrian7

Starring Paddy Obrian8

Starring Paddy Obrian9

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