Chris, Trent & Xander

_MG_0006 _MG_0026 Can you believe that we’ve never had Chris Rockway and Xander Scott in a video together? They’ve done public events together, we’ve all hung out together, and God knows they’ve both done some of the most amazing videos we have on Randy Blue, but I’ve just never put both of them in the same video. Well, I figured it was about time. But when I flipped a coin to see which one would top and which one would bottom the damn thing landed on it’s edge. Here I had two prize lions in the reserve but in order to let them both shine I needed to toss a delicious morsel at them. And not just a snack, this needed to be a full meal. Enter Trent Davis. I remember his first shoot when he was a little shy, a little reserved, and oh so cute. But, like all those who taste the forbidden fruit and just can’t get enough, he’s become one hot bottom. So the stage is set and these two ravenous sexual beasts circle their prey. But Trent is not about to play hard to get, he’s ready, willing and waiting. The sexual energy in the room that day could have powered all of Los Angeles for a week. Chris Rockway, hot of the trail of his role as Dective Lazlo in Alley Cats is in fine form. His body looks better than ever and he’s got that hunger in his eyes that lets you know he can’t wait to get his hands on Trent. Xander never fails to get stares from both men and woman as he walks down the street and watching him tag-team along side Rockway is a treat that’s been a long time coming. It’s a good thing Trent loves cock because he was gettin’ it good and plenty from both ends. And it’s a good thing he loves cum because by the time they were done with him he was covered in Chris and Xander’s goey goodness, and who wouldn’t love that! [flv:15.flv 15.jpg 550 355]


[flv:16.flv 16.jpg 550 355]  [flv:17.flv 17.jpg 550 355]  [flv:18.flv 18.jpg 550 355]

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