Christian & Trent

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It’s about time Christian Sharp gets some man ass. He is so fucking adorable I can’t stand it. And knowing full well he should have someone amazing to fuck for his first time I called in Trent Davis. Trent has been eying up Christian for quite some time and if I didn’t let him do this he would have been so pissed at me. I had to keep myself from laughing when Christian was asked if he was nervous and his response was, "I think he should be more nervous than me", referring to his huge endowment. Little did he know that Trent is one of the best bottoms around and that he was ready and willing to take him on his first trip on the hardcore express. These two guys had amazing chemistry and I had little else to do other than just throw them on a bed and let them go. Trent looks amazing from his handsome face to bubble butt. And Christian’s new scruffy look just makes him all the more sexier. Trent went down on that cock getting it all primed and ready so when it came time for Christian to plunge it deep in his gut he was ready to fuck anything that was moving. And Trent couldn’t wait to open up and receive his love muscle pounding his ass like there was no tomorrow. And you’ll want to turn the speakers up for this one because these two are very vocal and their heated moaning and dirty talk is enough to get you off even without the video. And I love the way Christian looks at Trent while he’s pounding his ass, watching for signs of pleasure so he can direct the action perfectly so he can totally blow Trent’s mind. And once Trent’s mind is blown his dick follows, spewing his load all over his chest and stomach. And Christian wasn’t going to miss his chance to add to it, shooting such long streams of cum I was afraid he would shoot across the room and miss Trent entirely. And make sure you wait to the end to see Christian’s reaction to his first time getting fucked by a guy. I think you’ll like the answer.

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