Cody & Trent

_MG_0295 _MG_0156 Cody Fallon has one of Randy Blue’s sexual supernovas for quite a while. You know once he unleashes his powers of passion it’s going to be something incredible. His recent tribal wing tattoo makes me think of him as equal parts heavenly angel and horny little devil. I like pairing him up with newer models because he does such a great job of showing them the ropes, but I also love, as in today’s update, paring him up with other horny studs because I know the result will be amazing. I knew Trent Davis was something special the day I met him. His first video early this year had great promise of things to come and he did not disappoint. His videos with Gage and Lucas were so hot they made you wonder what he could do to top them. And when he did Randy Blue Live with Xander, the two of them brought down the house. So what could I expect from Cody and Trent together other than the very best? Well, not only did they give the very best but they went far beyond. You can tell right from the moment they start kissing that these two wanted each other and bad. Trent wasted no time in burying his face in Cody’s hot ass, using his tongue to get him ready for the massive pounding he was going to get later, a pounding that had him gasping for air and moaning like a bitch in heat. And not content with laying on the couch for a nice quiet fuck, Cody made his way to the floor so Trent could fuck him wheelbarrow style before flipping him over and spraying his chest with thick goey gobs of manjuice.[flv:25.flv 25.jpg 550 355]


[flv:26.flv 26.jpg 550 355][flv:27.flv 27.jpg 550 355][flv:28.flv 28.jpg 550 355]

_MG_0178 _MG_0295 _MG_0156 _MG_0022 _MG_0028 _MG_0046 _MG_0058 _MG_0070 _MG_0083 _MG_0099 _MG_0139 _MG_0143



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