image-A2301 cruising01 cruising16 Its funny how nobody seemed to mind us filming in this cruising backroom in the heart of london! Maybe it was the fact that we had two of the hottest MAP models together for the first time, Maybe it was the fact that Marvin and Erik stood out from the crowd in their sharp suits. Or maybe it was the dark and sweaty atmosphere of all the cock hungry guys in their booths that got everyone turned on, and spurred our guys to loose their inhibitions and give a hot sex show for all to enjoy.

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Crusing0311 Crusing0331 Crusing0501 Crusing0531 Crusing0791 Crusing0841 Crusing0881 Crusing0951 Crusing1041 cruising02 cruising03 cruising04 cruising05 cruising06 cruising07 cruising08 cruising09 cruising10 cruising11 cruising12 cruising13 cruising14 cruising15 cruising17

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