Curtis & Jamison RAW

Curtis & Jamison RAW02

oh yeah, these guys know how to kiss!

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I have been kind of being careful with Jamison after he tried really hard to take Vander's cock. I don't want to over challenge him, and have been giving him a chance to Top to restore his confidence.

I put him with Curtis for a Flip-Flop video. I was a little concerned as Curtis's cock does seem to get bigger and bigger through out a video. But I knew Curtis was down with bottoming for a portion of the video and even stays hard for most of it. Don't think he will be busting a nut anytime soon from being fucked, but he isn't afraid to take a cock anymore.

Jamison seemed fascinated with Curtis cock this shoot. He spends a lot of time sucking-him-off, and clearly Curtis was enjoying it. It was a win-win!

We actually tried a position that Vander was going to do to Jamison, but we just couldn't squeeze his cock in Jamison's tiny frame. Jamison is laying flat and though it is not usually the best for getting a camera in there, once Curtis had his cock firmly planted inside Jamison, he could get upright and showcase the fucking action.

Then it was Jamison's turn to Top and we put Curtis on his back as most guys tend to like that position to nut. Sure enough, Curtis's cock didn't wilt too much and even recharged when Jamison hit the right angle.

Jamison seems to like getting fucked doggy style, and while we were filming that position he mentioned it was going to make him cum. So that's what we went with. Curtis is slowly grinding into him and it makes him bust his load all over the bedspread.

Curtis unloads on Jamison's hole, giving a wee bit of cock/cum play, then swirls his cum up inside of Jamison with his finger!

Curtis & Jamison RAW03

suck it baby mmm

Curtis & Jamison RAW04


Curtis & Jamison RAW05

nice! I like it myself

Curtis & Jamison RAW06

Du you like it? When finger inside your ass?

Curtis & Jamison RAW07

Come on! Do it! Put your big hot cock in his horny ass!

Curtis & Jamison RAW08

I like it

Curtis & Jamison RAW09

ohh yes deeper, deperr, depeer!

Curtis & Jamison RAW10

mmm I like his tattoo

Curtis & Jamison RAW11

o yeh! I love the hands-free

Curtis & Jamison RAW12

cooldown :-)

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