Dallas & Nicco

IMG_0008 IMG_0012 IMG_0044 IMG_0122 Nicco Sky is laying out in the warm California sun trying to even out his tan line by not wearing a suit. Now who wouldn’t be tempted to rub one out at such a hot visual? So when Dallas Evens saw him laying there he couldn’t help himself. Rather than spoil the fun, I just set up my camera and started shooting. But I wasn’t about to let him shoot his wad before giving a Nicco a chance to go down on him. This is Dallas’ first Randy Blue video with another guy and I wanted it to be really special, and I couldn’t think of anyone better to do it with him than Nicco, who’s quickly becoming a fan favorite. But even though he’s still fairly new, it didn’t stop Dallas from going after what he wanted. He tells Nicco exactly how he likes it and even guides his head gently onto his cock with his hands. And it’s not like Nicco needs all that much guidance. He sucks another man’s cock as if it were his own, giving everyth! ing he has to drain those balls of every ounce of cum. And Dallas is obviously loving every second of it. Not one to passively sit there and get blown, he fucks Nicco’s adorable face until he’s almost ready to burst. Then Nicco gets the upper hand, pardon the pun, by jerking Dallas off to completion and then shooting his own hearty load.

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