Damian & Eddie

___495 ___487 Damian Rios made his appearance on Randy Blue Live a little while ago and people just went nuts. He has such an incredibly hot body and he knows you love to look at it, so he gives his all and then some. While Damian was on cam, Eddie Diaz had arrived for the next day’s shoot and decided to stick around to watch the show. I knew that look in his eye, it was like a hunter sizing up his prey. After Damian came, Eddie grabbed a towel and jumped into the studio. Anyone who was there that night or has seen the archived show will let you know that the sparks flew. If they didn’t have a shoot the next day I might have just let them go at it right then and there, but I didn’t want the video to seem like they were going through the motions. I wanted to capture their energy at full force. So I made sure to keep them apart that night, even though they wanted to hook up in the worst way. By the time the shoot came they couldn’t wait to get at each other and the resulting video is unbelievable. Eddie is always a ball of sexual energy and leaves a trail of aching hardons everywhere he goes. This guy could make even the most excessive prude give it up for one night of down and dirty hardcore. And especially in this beautiful surrounding of greenery and cool water with Eddie pounding Damian and you can see the angel wings on his back flexing with his musculature, it’s something otherworldly. Like two mythical creatures creating a universe. Eddie is always in charge, even when he’s giving Damian a turn at his hot ass, bucking and moaning with each thrust. And finally, the Damian bathes Eddie in a hot shower of cum leading Eddie to follow suit by adding his own coat of creamy goodness.  [flv:37.flv 37.jpg 550 355]

nextdoorbaddies1  [flv:38.flv 38.jpg 550 355] [flv:39.flv 39.jpg 550 355] [flv:40.flv 40.jpg 550 355]

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