Francois Sagat Solo

apex_2_02 FS_bed1111  For those of you who have not yet seen François, this man is the hottest stud in porn today. He defines 21st century porn and he sets the gold standard for gay men everywhere. he also happens to like jerking off every day, but this time decided to come down and do it for us! We scrambled and got our camera crew together and filmed away. All because François was horny and wanted to jerk off for his fans. He is so hot, and we could worship those hairy, hard pecs for hours, and then there is his perfect facial hair – YUM!!!!!!! 

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apex_2_01 apex_2_03 apex_2_04 apex_2_05 apex_2_06 FS_bed1120 FS_bed1127 FS_bed1138 FS_bed1143 FS_bed1147 FS_bed1158


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