Jakub Stephano

34-1preview16 34-1preview24jakub_stephano4lg jakub_stephano5lg jakub_stephano12lg Jakub Stephano contacted us saying that he would be in the U.S. Luckily, his vacation overlapped with our last shoot so we flew him in from L.A. And boy howdy, are we glad we did.
Jakub is impressive in pictures, and even more so when you watch him in video, but to be standing in front of such a perfect male specimen is awe-inspiring. And a bit intimidating at first.
He flew in and was scheduled to shoot on-location in the garage an hour later. He walked into the hotel, immediately took off his shirt, his sweat pants hanging deliciously low so the humps of his
butt were showing above the waistband, and he said he needed a shower. Have at it!
He was great fun to work with. Extemely head-strong at times, which often gave way to a very soft-spoken, humble demeanor. Jakub is definitely one to take home to mother!

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