Jamey Ford

Gaybloggy (2)Gaybloggy (1)Gaybloggy (3)Jamey Ford is adorable. He’s got such a friendly attitude that working with him was an absolute pleasure. And anything I suggested he was totally up for. There’s a certain combination of good looks, a hot body and great personality that really makes me notice a guy. And Jamey Ford had all three. He came to my office so I could meet him and decide if he would be good on the site and I knew he would be the moment I met him. He had such a beautiful smile and even though he was a bit quiet, we got along really well. I asked him to take off his shirt and he stripped down naked. He let his fingers lightly roam across the smooth dark skin of his chest, pausing a few seconds to play with his nipple. I knew he was trying to tease me and that made me realize how good he would be on camera. He’s pretty quiet when he jerks off but the look of concentration on his face makes you realize how intense it is for him, which is really hot. It’s lik! e he’s going to cum at any moment and you never know exactly when. But as his balls are about to spill his seed all over his tight abs, he lets out these low soft moans and you just know you’re going to join him.




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