Jayden Tyler

Jayden Tyler1

At just 19, Jayden Tyler is more of a sexual being than most guys his age. Not only does he know exactly what kinds of guys turn him on, light blonde Nordic looking guys with deep blue eyes, but he also knows how hot his body is and how to best show off everything he’s got. He’s got light brown, almost dirty blond hair and grey eyes, with a chin strap beard that perfectly frames his handsome face. You can picture this horny college jock jerking off in the locker room while nobody is around, wondering if he will get caught. Even in the privacy of a bedroom he lets his hands roam all over his pecs and abs, which are covered with just a sprinkling of light hairs and a treasure trail that leads you to a big meaty cock. He’ll tease a nipple, give his balls a playful tug, and then flip over to finger his hot hole. He knows you’re getting off on watching him and he’s determined to give you one hot fucking show. And as he nears orgasm hi! s face flushes, his breath quickens and his body is covered in a light sheen of sweat, making him look even sexier as he shoots his load all over his tight stomach. more…


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