Jon Saunders

Gaybloggy (1) Gaybloggy (2) Gaybloggy (3) On an unusually warm autumn day, an exceptionally toned muscular str8 lad strips off his shirt and exposes his tanned and rock hard 8 pack! Jon is proud of his abs… and who wouldn’t be with such a strong body and always with just enough tan! As he pulls down his jeans and revels those blond, hairy, muscular legs he sits down grabs his package and slides his hands in his “Mr happy” boxers and in no time has created a big bulge! Jon is one of those str8 lads whose cock on the first few touches springs right up against his body! Not shy about his body, his cock springs into view as he gently strokes and plays with it. Jon is soon bending over pushing his hole real close to the camera… revealing his hole, surrounded by a dash of blond hairs. He knows how to h old himself on the edge though its not long before he sits back and squirts cum all over the place.


Str8 lads Liam & Zack in the Steaming hot sun – Hope the G/f’s dont see this one!
It’s a steaming hot day and str8 hunks Liam and Zack are soaking up the sun in just boardies, both deprived of sex and feeling.. more >

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