Kevin, Kody & Jeremy

_MG_0214 _MG_0206 I just want you to know… for the record, I’m not gay,’ says Jeremy Walker as he rubs his hand up and down Kody Henshaw’s thigh. Sexuality comes in many forms and there are those who say nobody is totally straight and nobody is totally gay. And I know a lot of straight guys who aren’t opposed to "helping a buddy out" as long as he reciprocates. But I have to laugh when I see a straight guy who’s sucked my cock on many occasions walk around with this hetero-bravado shouting from the

MAPlong4 mountain top about how straight he is when I know he’s been to a few rest stops in his day. So it made me wonder about what these guys are like when their buddies are over and the hormones start raging. Do they keep talking about how straight they are when they’re on their knees? Do they have to pound the point home when they’re pounding some hot man ass? So I decided to explore this a little with some of my straight guys, well straight-ish for some of them. I told them to be as over the top as they wanted to be while working with this scenario and the results were not only pretty funny but also hot as fuck. Kevin Falk brings hit hunky body and massive cock to the party while Jeremy’s classical muscled physique is like a greet statue and Kody, as always, brings his overt sexual energy. The three of them compliment each other in so many ways, not to mention that fact that just the sight of them would make anyone cum in their pants. And speaking of cum, wait until you see Kody shoot his load all over that smooth chest of his, which is so hot it makes Kevin paint his abs with smooth creamy goodness and finally Jeremy brings it all home. But don’t be so quick to leave because Kody and Kevin aren’t quite done yet. Three-way circle jerks are always a blast, and with these three studs you know you’re in for a great time.

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