Malachi & Will

_MG_0034_MG_0126  Will Vega’s first Randy Blue video back in November was great I knew we would be seeing more of him. He admits that there’s something really hot about being in front of the camera and knowing that hot, horny guys everywhere are going to be examining every inch of your naked body. And he’s starting to be a bit more adventurous. After getting his first onscreen blowjob from Xander I asked him if he would be willing to suck some cock of his own. He new I have been planning on pairing him up with Malachi Marx and so he thought about it for a few minutes and then just smiled and said, ‘Sure’. Then I turned around and talked to Malachi. His video with Reese was unreal. I asked him if he was ready to give his first onscreen blowjob and without missing a beat he replied, ‘Why not?’ There is just something wild and untamed about Malachi that I can’t place my finger on. He’s absolutely gorgeous with beautifully well built body and striking features. So here we have these two hot guys, each given the task of performing their first Randy Blue blowjobs. I got the feeling that these guys were really trying to outdo each other. If Malachi hasn’t given a ton of blowjobs in the past, he’s certainly gotten enough because he showed off major skill and talent in making Will’s toes curl. He’d use those beautiful lips of his to work every inch of Will’s shaft, curling his tongue around the head and sucking his bone as if he needed to extract every ounce of semen from Will’s sexy body. He’s a natural. And Will was no slouch either. When it was his turn he let out a few tricks of his own. Teasing Malachi’s cock by going down on it then pulling back, flicking his tongue and lips around, making Malachi hunger for more, than working just the head, an act that can drive some men absolutely wild. And Malachi wasn’t going to sit by and passively get head, he started grinding his hips, running his aching cock all up and down Will’s mouth, slapping him on the tongue with it, gently guiding his head with his hands. Who gives the best blowjob out of the two? Only they will know for sure. But won’t you have fun trying to figure it out?

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