Mike by Carlos Arias

[Mike by Carlos Arias5.jpg] [Mike by Carlos Arias4.jpg] Meet Mike. He is a 24 year old model from North Jersey who has some experience now, having been modeling for about 5 years now. Who better to capture all that is Mike than Carlos Arias, one of my favorite male photographers. Mike has one of the male modeling taboos as well, the tattoo. Although, the tattoo is starting to die as a taboo and is actually starting to be praised as a defining signature for male models these days. Beautiful men are a dime a dozen today with the widespread availability of super-sized gyms and top-knotch personal training available at your fingertips. Tattoos are emerging as a new way to define oneself as a model, and for Mike it is no different. Mike loves the camera and we love Mike!

Via Gaybodyblog.

[Mike by Carlos Arias3.jpg]

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