mir_7_03mir_7_02  Dirk Jager is a Sheik, relaxing in his palace. He is in his boudoir with his concubine (Matthieu Paris), a room richly furnished with silks, gold, and lush carpets. The sex begins with a violent oral scene, with Matthieu gagging furiously as he tries to take Dirk’s long cock. Dirk’s washboard abs (he was trained as an Olympic gymnast) strain as he thrusts his dick down an open throat. But the Sheik is not interested in just a blowjob – he throws his fuck toy over on the bed and delivers powerful strokes that Matthieu can barely take. Arabian cum soon erupts from both dicks.

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mir_7_04 _B101566 _B101665 mir_7_05 _B101584 _B101604 mir_7_06 _B101607 _B101684 _B101628 mir_7_01 _B101562 _B101655

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