Gaybloggy (1) Gaybloggy (2) Bo Dean and Justin Ryder are moving men, busy unloading a truck on a very hot summer day. Once done unloading the truck, they take a much deserved break on a bed they brought in. Bo gets curious and starts poking around through the boxes near the bed and discovers some lube and a Flesh-Jack. They decide to try out their discovery with Justin taking the honors, being the first to fuck the Flesh-Jack with his hard cock. It’s Bo’s turn next and Justin slides the toy up and down on Bo’s prick. The Flesh-Jack proves to be tons of fun but it can’t compare to the real thing. After a healthy 69 session Bo eases his thick tool into Justin’s warm ass, bareback. Justin moans excitedly with pleasure, taking everything Bo can give him, doggie-style, missionary, and cowboy. He hops off briefly to bury his tongue deep inside Bo’s ass before hopping right back onto his throbbing member reverse cowboy. Justin rides him hard until he can’t take it and busts a nut with Bo still deep inside him. It’s Bo’s turn to get off and he sits on Justin’s chest stroking his cock above Justin’s anxiously awaiting mouth for a nice, juicy facial. Exhausted, then lay side-by-side to take a nap.


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