OUT NOW: Samuel O’Toole & Kevin Crows

Samuel O'Toole & Kevin Crows1

Kevin Crows just seems to lack the competitive spirit. Just doesn’t have the edge. It’s not that he needs to have a giant ego, or a madman’s disposition, but check it out: he lost his first fight the other night, and it doesn’t even bother him. Forgot to mention that his opponent was a girl. For Samuel O’Toole, Kevin’s trainer, this is just too much to bear. So when it’s time to hit the gym again, Samuel has a plan. Since Kevin is so bad at hand to hand grappling on the ground, Samuel has decided to make today’s session all about the mat. So the two of them hit the floor, but it soon becomes obvious that Kevin’s lack of focus will derail them yet again. In not time, Kevin has Samuel naked and the two of them are going mano a mano in a completely different sport.

Samuel O'Toole & Kevin Crows2

Samuel O'Toole & Kevin Crows3

Samuel O'Toole & Kevin Crows4

Samuel O'Toole & Kevin Crows5

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