Parker London, Topher DiMaggio

Parker London, Topher DiMaggio07

The following day Topher wakes up to find his boyfriend has already left for work. Topher begins to search the Internet for a job, but it doesn’t take long before he searching for cock. Topher logs on to his favorite hook-up site, and finds a trick quick. In moments, Parker London is knocking at his door. Upon entering, Topher gets right to business pushing Parker up against the window and swapping spit with the stud. Topher is horned up working the stud over and can’t wait to get his hard cock in his mouth. Being the insatiable cocksucker he is, Topher devours Parker’s bone, sucking like there’s no tomorrow, or until his boyfriend comes home. The intensity builds, and soon Parker is on his knees opening his mouth wide for Topher’s tool. Parker sucks so deep that his nose is buried in Topher’s pubes. Topher plunges his cock deep down Parker’s throat, but it’s another hole he really wants. Maneuvering Parker over the end of the sofa, Topher probes his dick deep into Parker who moans with appreciation. Topher bangs the stud good hitting a rhythmic stride, grabbing onto Parker and pounding his beefy ass well. Topher flips Parker over for a better angle. Closing in on the homestretch, Topher fucks with fury until they both explode ecstatically.

Parker London, Topher DiMaggio01

Parker London, Topher DiMaggio02

Parker London, Topher DiMaggio03

Parker London, Topher DiMaggio04

Parker London, Topher DiMaggio05

Parker London, Topher DiMaggio06

Parker London, Topher DiMaggio08

Parker London, Topher DiMaggio09

Parker London, Topher DiMaggio10

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Parker London, Topher DiMaggio

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