20081203_820081203_11  Richie is a fit bodied lad with well defined abs who is excited about showing off on camera, he strips off his shirt to show off his tanned and toned body with just a light sprinkle of hair. His nicely packed briefs come down and reveal his uncut cock is already showing some blood is pumping and its only a hint aroused! Richie is a good size and his cock gets real stiff as he plays with it in the water showing off his ass and wanking away enjoying his wank in the sun. He dries off and sites down for some serious wanking before squirting lots of high flying cum all over his abs!

ClickHere Englishlads

20081203_1 20081203_2 20081203_3 20081203_4 20081203_5 20081203_6 20081203_7 20081203_9 20081203_10 20081203_12

ClickHere Englishlads

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