Scott Stone

Gayblggy Scott Stone (1)Gayblggy Scott Stone (2)Gayblggy Scott Stone (3) How do you get 5 cums shots filmed real time in 35 minutes; just hire Scott and this young stud likes a challenge! He strips off and I challenge him to cum as many times as possible… and now there is just 30 minutes left! He rises to the occasion the great thing with Scott is once he stands on his toes and tenses his legs, blood flows to his cock, his balls tighten and out roars his first load, flying right across the table! Never one to under-deliver, he shoots the most massive load. We chat for about 60 seconds and he starts pulling on his foreskin and is soon hard, dumps another load within about 3 minutes of his first! Several more loads come and by his fourth load his legs are stressed and his arm is killing! So I push for one more load and Scott well within his 35 minutes dumps a fifth and final load on the table! He loves a challenge; I will just have to let him agree to the terms of how we get to the sixth load!


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Gayblggy Scott Stone (4) Gayblggy Scott Stone (5)

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