Gaybloggy (1) Gaybloggy (2) Gaybloggy (3) MENATPLAY RELOADED is proud to present our latest blockbuster "Splash" and mark my words guys once you have seen this film you will be creating some splashes of your own! Introducing our newest model the classic tall, dark and handsome Max Schutler joins MAP exclusive model Patrik. Patrik is one of those guys that when you see him your heart races and your cock throbs – with his piercing eyes, strong jaw and perfect pecs, he is everything any red blooded man would desire! As Patrik soaks up the rays after a naked swim Max enters with one thing on his mind – he wants to be fucked and fucked he will be! Max begins by caressing Patrik’s beautiful chest and fondles his ever expanding cock. Patrik decides to manhandle Max and throws him into the pool fully clothed! Max looks stunning with his wet shirt and tie clinging to his ripped torso, the pair start to kiss passionately and Patrik gobbles at Max’s mighty meat!

MenAtPlayMenAtPlay As things begin to heat up the pair head to the bedroom where Max get’s his wish – to be fucked by a real man and Patrik doesn’t disappoint (as if he ever would)! The sexual energy between these two guys is electric and Patrik’s ass pounding skills deserve an oscar! Max gets his wish and then some…

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