Stalker Episode 4: The Face-Off

Stalker Episode 4 The Face Off1

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Since moving to San Francisco to become a model, BelAmi Superstar Brady Jensen's been tormented by ominous phone calls and taunting notes from a stranger. Now, in the adrenaline-packed finale of NakedSword's hit series, Stalker, the stranger reveals himself as someone from Brady's past... but it's not a happy reunion. Brady's jilted ex-lover -- now stalker -- Ty Roderick has broken into his home where he waits with secretly taped footage of Brady. Brady tries to force Roderick out, but the fight turns to a fuck as Brady finally gives his stalker what he wants. Brady tears Roderick up, drenches him in cum and kicks him, naked, to the curb. But as Roderick lights up his cigarette, we begin to suspect this bad romance might get even worse ...

Stalker Episode 4 The Face Off2

Stalker Episode 4 The Face Off3

Stalker Episode 4 The Face Off4

Stalker Episode 4 The Face Off5

Stalker Episode 4 The Face Off6

Stalker Episode 4 The Face Off7

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