Just back from a baking hot France, but ‘nope’,  no rest for us wicked folk, we’ve been hard at it with the likes of stunningly ripped Stany Falcone, ooooh daddy!!

Stany Falcone10


Stany Falcone04

What could be better on a bank holiday than a Stany Falcone strip-a-thon…. here we go!

Stany Falcone02

they’re coming off…

Stany Falcone03 

and turn around…

Stany Falcone05

Stany Falcone06

Stany Falcone07

here they go..

Stany Falcone08

hubba hubba.

Stany Falcone09

No words necessary with this picture, just cop and eye full of that ripped, naked stud. phwoaaaaar!

Stany Falcone01

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