Starring Marvin, Andreas & Marco Blaze

RT_IMG_0133 RT_IMG_0325 RT_IMG_0341 There are high fyers in this world and then their are men like Marvin who will have everyone at the Gentlemen’s Club at his back and call. Nothing is out of the question for him, even if it means helping to win over his important business clients like Andreas. So with a click of his fingers loyal waiter Marco knows exactly whats expected of him as he goes down on his knees to service his VIP clients. When attention turns to his ass he hardly seems phased and dutyfully drops his trousers to expose his smooth hole which they proceed to eat and fuck in turns inorder to satisfy their urges. What Marco does not expect however is when they get carried away and ram both their dicks up his hungry hole at the same time, double fucking him beyond pleasure till he uncontrolably blows his load.

[flv:9.flv 9.jpg 550 355]


[flv:10.flv 10.jpg 550 355]

[flv:11.flv 11.jpg 550 355]

[flv:12.flv 12.jpg 550 355]

[flv:13.flv 13.jpg 550 355]

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