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Good Morning USA


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just guys


Yep, I’m a top. Look at my trusting force, now who’s first?


Oh, YES! he definitely has that ‘look’ and I don’t care if he denies it!


Italian Wrestler – Andrea Minguzzi. He’s just too damn distracting.

woke me up

Sure woke me up even though saw it only at night. Haha


Gotta loose the pants, junior!

Work Out

Wee-Wee Work Out!


Now THIS is why I love the Olympics!!


Would love to see the rest of his face….the bit I see, he sure looks handsome


He has more to offer than just his gun.


Who wants to play ‘Spin the Bottle’ with this guy?

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[Flash 10 is required to watch video]

There's nothing hotter than a handsome, tattooed, hung stud who loves to play with his hole. Ty Roderick brings an assortment of toys into the locker room and kicks back on a bench with his big white ass in the air. He warms up by shoving a long handheld dildo in an out of his tight hole. Once he's loosed up he grabs the big daddy - a fat faux cock with a suction cup base. He mounts it on the bench and bounces up and down on it, fucking himself hard. All the assplay gets him rock hard so he lies back and jacks his huge thick cock until he blows!





[wpdreams_rpp id=0]

Chris Whelan

Chris Whelan4

Chris Whelan is a very attractive man, young and athletic, handsome and alluring. He actually fell into modeling through a friend of his when he was introduced to Bruce Weber, and very quickly he was working for Abercrombie and Fitch. That start in 2001 quickly led to more with editorials in Tetu and Mens Fitness, and a lot of strolling down the catwalk too.

Although he started off pursuing a career in finance with his eye on Wall Street his family were apparently pretty supportive of his move into the modeling world. And, to be honest, the way things are going right now I think that was a very well-timed career change!

But modeling isn’t his only passion, and these days he’s chasing an acting career too, hoping to make the move onto the big screen from his home in Los Angeles.

Chris Whelan3

Chris Whelan6

Chris Whelan5

Chris Whelan1

Chris Whelan2

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Handsome Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz1

Kellan Lutz2

Kellan Lutz3

Kellan Lutz4

Kellan Lutz5

Kellan Lutz6

Kellan Lutz7

Kellan Lutz8

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Jayden Tyler

Jayden Tyler1

At just 19, Jayden Tyler is more of a sexual being than most guys his age. Not only does he know exactly what kinds of guys turn him on, light blonde Nordic looking guys with deep blue eyes, but he also knows how hot his body is and how to best show off everything he’s got. He’s got light brown, almost dirty blond hair and grey eyes, with a chin strap beard that perfectly frames his handsome face. You can picture this horny college jock jerking off in the locker room while nobody is around, wondering if he will get caught. Even in the privacy of a bedroom he lets his hands roam all over his pecs and abs, which are covered with just a sprinkling of light hairs and a treasure trail that leads you to a big meaty cock. He’ll tease a nipple, give his balls a playful tug, and then flip over to finger his hot hole. He knows you’re getting off on watching him and he’s determined to give you one hot fucking show. And as he nears orgasm hi! s face flushes, his breath quickens and his body is covered in a light sheen of sweat, making him look even sexier as he shoots his load all over his tight stomach. more…


Jayden Tyler2

Jayden Tyler3

Jayden Tyler4

Jayden Tyler5

more video

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