Tony does Recce

20080521_3 20080521_10 Tony is our latest new face paired with Reece, one of our first models, hardly looking a day older than his first shoot nearly four years ago! Reece reaches into Tony’s jeans and yanks out his cock, seconds later he in on his knees gobbling Tony big uncut meat, already at full mast! Tony drops to his knees and deep throats Reece, quickly followed by sliding his cock up Reece’s ass, which is precariously balanced on stools! New lad Tony fucks like a real pro, as Reece’s ass heats up with the friction of Tony’s cock slamming in and out. Tony pulls out and lies back and a few strokes later is shooting on Reece’s face who then stands up and dumps his own load on Tony’s abs!

240x400d 20080521_1 20080521_2 20080521_3 20080521_4 20080521_5 20080521_6 20080521_7 20080521_8 20080521_9 20080521_10 20080521_11 20080521_12 EnglishLads

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