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srhthrshrth11 5885 14 Viktor is originally from Russia. He moved to America with his brother during his first year of high school. You can tell he hasn’t been here that long because he still has an adorable habit of not conjugating correctly and leaving out articles in his speech.
After his heavy, sexy accent, the next thing you notice is his smooth white skin and ridiculously ripped body. You can literally see every muscle flex when he moves!
That kind of body doesn’t come from a gym alone. Viktor is a construction worker who also loves kickboxing and mixed martial arts. He showed off some of his moves at the park.
Besides martial arts, he loves to party and fuck American girls, and of course they always ask him to talk dirty to them in Russian. Apparently it works, because he’s got a stunning model for a girlfriend. I asked him to say a few dirty lines he’s used on the ladies, but since I don’t know Russian he may as well have been talking dirty to me!
When Viktor finally dropped his load, his entire body clenched tightly and a sprinkler full of cum unloaded all over the sofa!

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